How to install the Java App on the Airbus Radio Terminals:

Content Manager Software will be handovered after buying. Also Remote Installation is possible (Data Cable is needed !)


Picture 4 TETRA – Start the Picture Apps with one Click

How to configure the Java Application on the Radio Terminal so that the Application is starting with Button Pressing ? Go to Tetra Programming Tool / Functional Keys. This Guide is valiad for all Picture Application ( DMO, TMO and PD)



Special Feature Section

Picture SDS 4 DMO – Request Picture by yourself

Two Options in Gerneral to receive a Picture.

  • a) Use the PC Sender Application by yourself. So you or the Control Station send a Picture to a single Airbus Radio Terminal (ISSI) or Group of Radio Terminals
  • b) Request a Picture by yourself




Picture to Group Sending ( with concatenated Text Messages which is 3 x faster as in DMO). This Demo is Picture v2 where we request Picture from Database. That is why we developed v3 where the Picture is on your Local PC Folder. So it is easier for Use. You just enter the Picture Name enter the Receiver Number and press Start Button. Then the Picture is sent to the Receivers.


DEMONSTRATION of Picture 4 TETRA in Packet Data Mode (PD)

This Picture Size is 100x 100 Pixel which is in general  used for TMR880i and THR880i Display.  THR9 Display is 240 Pixel.  If you resize Picture with Picture Editor like Irfab View and send it then the Picture will be Full Size with THR9(i) Device.  Please note. Not every Tetra Operator or TETRA Network offers Packet Data. Ask your Administrator. If you like to use this Application then your Administrator must assign the Sender and Receiver ISSI an TETRA  IP Address. The Admins know about this if Paket Data is used in your TETRA Network.