PIC4PD – 365 Days




Picture 4 PD – Send a Picture to one or many EADS Radio Terminal in TMO via concatenated Text Messages

Tested in Cassidian  Infrastructure TEA1 and TEA2



1 x Picture Server PC Software ( 2 Server Licences, 1 x as Cold Backup or as  Second Picture Server) –

1 x Java App ( Install on Receiver EADS Radios via Content Manager). All Receivers dont need a License.



1x EADS Radio Terminal  ( Sender / Receiver) Airbus SW Level Min. 6.69

1 x Windows PC ,  JAVA JDK installed ,  2 GB RAM

1x Data Cable for Sender Radio Terminal

Assignment of  IP Adresses for Packet Data: Ask your Admin to assign IP Adresses to EADS Radios